Czech ARDF Association on behalf of the Czech Radio Club (CRC).


The town of Doksy is located in Liberec county, northwards from Czech capital Prague, at 266 m altitude. The fastest route from Prague takes about 75 minutes (90 km). In the close vicinity you will find Mácha's lake - popular holiday resort, Bezděz castle, and a number of further places of interest.

Event center:

Poslův mlýn resort, Poslův mlýn 976, CZ-472 01 Doksy,,
GPS: 50.5565506N, 14.6672097E.


The holiday resort Poslův Mlýn is about one and halfhour drive from Prague (about 100 km). The nearest international airport is Prague.


Event center is in the holiday resort (summer camp) Poslův mlýn (, which offers sufficient accommodation capacity on its premises. Prepared will be Summer type accommodation in cabins, 4-5 bed rooms - a pair of the rooms is always sharing toilet and bathroom and veranda.

Full board is offered.

International Jury:

Chairman of the International Jury: Jiří Mareček, OK2BWN,

Secretary of the International Jury: Tereza Skládanková,

Siting referee: Jiří Pavlů, OK1CHE,

Technical Director & Assistant to the Siting referee: Karel Fučík,

Chairman of the Organizing Committee: Karel Zeman.


Saturday, June 30, 2018:

- arrival,

- training on both bands (for classic courses),

- official opening ceremony.

Sunday, July 1, 2018:

- 144 MHz competition,

- sprint training,

- awarding ceremony.

Monday, July 2, 2018:

- sprint 3.5 MHz competition,

- awarding ceremony.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018:

- 3.5 MHz competition,

- awarding ceremony,

- closing party & hamfest.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018:

- departure.

Competition rules:

IARU Region 1 Rules for Championships in Amateur Radio Direction Finding:

Part A - Organization, version 2018,

Part B - Competition, version 2018.


M16: Men (boys) up to 16 (i.e., born 2002+); team consists of up to five competitors.

W16: Women (girls) up to 16 (i.e., born 2002+); team consists of up to five competitors.

M14: Men (boys) up to 14 (i.e., born 2004+); team consists of up to five competitors.

W14: Women (girls) up to 14 (i.e., born 2004+); team consists of up to five competitors.

Terrain characteristics, clothing, weather:

1st classic: slightly undulating, rocky, running may require increased effort.

2nd classic & sprint: flat, easily passable pine forest. There is no restriction on the type of footwear or clothing, however, covering elbows and knees is highly recommended. Ticks (castor bean tick - Ixodes ricinus) are frequently found in the event area.


IOF standard, 1:15 000 (1:5 000 for sprint), contour interval 5 m, size A4, status: spring 2018.

Embargoed areas:

Since Bulletin No. 1 was published, forested areas within 20 km of the town of Doksy is prohibited for any ARDF training purposes. The allowed exceptions are official orienteering events organized by the Czech Orienteering Federation. The locations of the finish areas will be announced in the Bulletin No. 3, exact locations and further instructions will be specified at the event web site.


Training for both bands will be arranged on the day of arrival. After the first competition, sprint training (full scope model competition) will take place in the event center. For those willing to attend some of the Czech national competitions, please, refer to Czech ARDF webpage ( for more information.

Marking device:

SportIdent system will be used. SI card numbers will be collected in the entry form. For those who do not have any in their possession, SI card will be provided. 


Medals & diplomas.

Technical parameters of the equipment: 

144 MHz transmitters:

- RF power: 3W PEP

- Frequency: MOE-MO5: 144.500 MHz, MO: 144,850 MHz

- Antenna: crossed dipoles 2.5 m above the ground level

3.5 MHz transmitters:

- RF power 3 W

- frequency: MOE-MO5: 3.550 MHz, MO 3.600 MHz

- antenna: 8 m vertical + 8 m counterpoise

3.5 MHz transmitters for sprint (1 minute cycle - 12 sec: 48 sec)

- RF power: 1 W

- antenna: 8m vertical + 8 m three radial counterpoise

- frequency: Tx 1-5: MOE-MO5 (keying speed 10 WPM) 3.530 MHz
spectators control : S (keying speed 10 WPM) 3.550 MHz
Tx 1F-5F: MOE-MO5 (keying speed 15 WPM) 3.570 MHz
finish beacon: MO (keying speed 10 WPM) 3.600 MHz

Insurance & Medical Care: 

First aid facility will be available at the finish areas for all competitions. No cost to the participant applies for on-site minor treatment; however, the cost for ambulance transportation, emergency department visits, and clinic visits will be the participant's responsibility. Thus, we recommend you to obtain an insurance covering such expenses. 


The Czech Republic is a part of the Schengen area, thus, most of the countries do not need an entry permit. For those who need visa, we will provide invitation letters upon request. If you are not sure, check on the web page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


We are able to arrange transport of participants from Prague international airport upon request (for reasonable price). However, such request shall be send to organizers well in advance, certainly not later than three weeks before event.

Fees (if paid before May 18, 2018):

Starting fee: 850 CZK per competition.

Competitors-full package: 5 800 CZK (approx. 230 EUR).

Team officials-full package: 5 800 CZK (approx. 230 EUR).

Visitors-full package: 3 500 CZK (approx. 140 EUR).

Full package consists of accommodation, full board, 3 × starting fee, closing party & hamfest, particular transportation. There is no limit on the number of team officials per team. Visitors are not part of the national teams, e.g., do not have an access to start area, cannot attend Jury/team leaders' meetings, do not receive Certificate of participation, maps, etc.

Entries and Registrations:

For all participants (competitors, team officials, visitors): full names, date of birth, address, passport or ID card number (for visa and accommodation/registration purposes). For competitors, categories and SI card ID must be included as well.

For teams: details of team's arrival, contact person and his cell-phone and email.

See below for deadlines. Entry and Registration forms will be distributed by email and available at the event web page in April.


Wire transfer to the account:

Beneficiary: Asociace rádiového orientačního běhu ČR

Bank: MONETA Money Bank, a. s.


IBAN: CZ68 0600 0000 0001 5498 8883

Transfers shall be carried in CZK.


Entries: May 18, 2018.

Registrations: June 28, 2018.

Fee payment: May 18, 2018. (20% fine applies for late fee payment).